Pristine Water Systems FAQ

Where should the UV system be installed in the plumbing line?

UV treatment systems should be located before the hot water heater, but after any other treatment system such as filters or softeners.

Does the unit need to be hung in a certain direction?

The unit can be hung horizontal or vertical with the port facing any direction.

Which end is the inlet/outlet?

Either end can be designated as inlet/outlet.

Does the bulb need to be handled a certain way?

Yes, hold the bulb carefully by the ceramic ends since it is fragile and fingerprints on the glass should be minimized. Never look directly at a lit ultraviolet light.

What is the warranty on my ultraviolet unit?

For full warranty information, please see the back page of your manual. To summarize, the chamber has a 5 year warranty; the ballast and all other components have a 1 year warranty. When calling for a unit or ballast warranty, please have the product's serial number ready. The serial number is located on a white sticker containing a barcode. 

Is any maintenance required?

Our UV bulbs are rated for 9,000 hours or approximately 1 year. After 1 year of operation, the bulb will become less effective even though it is still lit. The quartz sleeve may need cleaned occasionally depending on the quality of the incoming water.

How do I know which bulb replacement I need?

The manual included with your unit lists all replacement parts on the back page. Our bulbs are also printed with the part number. We can also replace bulbs by knowing the length from ceramic end to ceramic end (do not include the pins).

Do you carry any other bulbs/quartz sleeves that are not listed on the products page?

Yes, we carry 12 bulb models and 7 quartz sleeve models. Please call us at 410-827-8885.

How many watts is my ultraviolet light bulb?

The PMSGPH457/4P is 25 watts. The PMSGPH515/4P is 24 watts. The PMSGPH810/4P is 38 watts.

How do I clean the quartz sleeve?

Disconnect the power from the ballast. Turn off the water and drain the unit. Carefully remove the quartz sleeve and wash it with mild soap and warm water. Carefully replace the sleeve in the chamber, replace the o-ring, and hand tighten the end nut.

How long will it take to ship my order?

We ship all orders in 1-2 business days via UPS Ground. We will make you aware of any delays.

Can I purchase an audible ballast?

We do not sell audible ballasts at this time. When we are able to find a reliable, audible ballast, we will add it to our products page.

If your question has not been answered here, please call us at 410-827-8885.