EnviroCleanse Ozone Laundry Systems

Our patented ozone laundry systems allow you to run your commercial laundry using cold water disinfection - providing substantial cost savings and superior cleaning performance in an environmentally friendly process.





Ozone Laundry: Cold water washing with superior disinfection. Results in energy savings and excellent results


Ozone: Triatomic form of oxygen (O3). When dissolved in water becomes powerful cleaning aid and disinfectant. Active in cold water.


Green: No residual chemicals, reduced carbon footprint, gain LEED Credits, cut water and sewer usage.


Proven Savings: Huge savings in utilities and labor and potential secondary benefits of enhanced linen quality, improved working conditions and reduced wash chemicals usage. Typical ROI of 6 -18 months.


Patented Technology: EnviroCleanse Ozone Laundry Systems covered by three US patents. Direct-injection technology provides best results possible with Ozone Laundry.


Ultimate Disinfection: Ozone effective in destroying bacteria (E. Coli, C. Difficile, ) viruses (MRSA, HIV, staph), blood borne pathogens and insects (mites, bedbugs etc).


Satisfied Customers: Hundreds of installations in 46 US states and six countries around the world.


Purchase / Finance Options: Purchase, lease with buyout option or rental plans available.


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