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A greywater reuse system for commercial laundry operations.

Environmental and Cost Savings

Significantly reduce water costs by reusing 80 to 90% of laundry water. Our commercial laundry water recycling systems are the perfect solution for facilities with high water costs, frequent drought, or a desire for environmental sensibility and cost savings.

Laundromat Machines

How is Laundry Water Recycled?

Laundry greywater can be harvested and stored for reuse after undergoing on-premise filtration and disinfection. Treating the micro-organisms present in the water eliminates any potential health hazards. Greywater reuse can be achieved with fewer chemicals and enhanced sterilization by using our three-step filtration system, advanced oxidation process (AOP), ultraviolet light, and ozone laundry systems. The water is clear, odor free, and safe.  Sensors monitor the quality of the treated water. Minimal operator interaction and maintenance is required.


Please contact us to discuss developing a commercial laundry water recycling system to accommodate your unique requirements.

Is an EnviroCleanse Recycling System Right for Me? 

A greywater recycling system is recommended for laundromats, hotels, and other large scale commercial operations. Installations are customized based upon facility size and individual requirements. Harvesting greywater for on site treatment is the economical approach for high volume sites.


You, your operating manager, and EnviroCleanse technicians will be able to monitor and control the status of the operation remotely. The display and control given to each user can be customized depending on your facility's requirements and our technicians have the ability to make quick adjustments to the system.

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