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Our line of disinfection units and replacement components.

Complete Units

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Top-seller. The PMS8 is an 8 gpm unit; it is recommended for homes with 1-2 bathrooms. The unit measures 22 1/2" x 4" and includes:

(1) PMSGPH457/4P bulb,18", 4 pins on one end

(1) PMSQTZ518O quartz sleeve, 20 1/2", open on both ends


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The PMS10 is a 10 gpm unit; it is recommended for homes with 2-3 bathrooms. The unit measures 25" x 4" and includes:

(1) PMSGPH515/4P bulb, 20 1/4", 4 pins on one end

(1) PMSQTZ589O quartz sleeve, 23 1/4", open on both ends


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The PMS15 is a 15 gpm unit; it is recommended for homes with 4-5 bathrooms. The unit measures 37" x 4" and includes:

(1) PMSGPH810/4P bulb, 32", 4 pins on one end

(1) PMSQTZ889O quartz sleeve, 35", open on both ends


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The PMS20 is a 20 gpm unit; it is recommended for homes with 5-6 bathrooms. The unit measures 37" x 4" and includes:

(1) PMSGPH810/4P, 32", 4 pins on one end

(1) PMSQTZ889O quartz sleeve, 35", open on both ends

Replacement Bulbs & Quartz Sleeves


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All units include:

(1) PMSCHAMBER (304 stainless steel with 5 year warranty)

(1) PMSBALLAST (1 year warranty, contains cord grip and gaynor plug)

(1) PMSFLOCO (flow control)

(1) bulb (part number varies per unit)

(1) quartz sleeve (part number varies per unit)

(2) PMSBRACKET (mounting brackets with straps)

(1) PMSSILICONE (silicone packet)

(2) PMSEND (PVC end nuts)

(2) PMSORING (end nut o-rings)

(1) PMSSITELENS (site port lens)

(1) PMSSITERING (site port o-ring)

(1) PMSSITENUT (site port nut)


All units, except the PMS20, come with 3/4" inlet/outlet. PMS20 has 1" inlet/outlet.

Pristine Water Systems products typically ship in 1-2 business days via UPS Ground.

18" replacement bulb for PMS8.


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20 1/4" replacement bulb for PMS10.


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32" replacement bulb for PMS15 and PMS20.


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20 1/2" replacement quartz sleeve for PMS8 and silicone packet.


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23 1/4" replacement quartz sleeve for PMS10 and silicone packet.


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35" replacement quartz sleeve for PMS15 and PMS20 and silicone packet.


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The prices listed include shipping costs.

Special pricing is available for plumbers.

Bulbs and quartz sleeves can be ordered by the case.

Additional products are available; please call 410-827-8885 for details.

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Non-audible replacement ballast for all Pristine Water Systems units.

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