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Greywater Recycling FAQ

Some commonly asked questions about our greywater recycling systems.

What is grewater?

Read our article on greywater here.

Can a recycling system be installed in an existing laundry facility or laundromat?

Ideally, a system is installed during the build out phase of a new facility. However, a retrofit can be designed to fit the layout of an existing facility.

Is a greywater recycling system reliable? Will my operation experience a shutdown?

We design our systems so critical processes and operations (pumps, sensors, etc.) are supported by back up. The operation of the system is automatically controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller) so the program switches to the back up system automatically should an issue arise. Our greywater systems also feature remote monitoring and control for enhanced reliability.

How much do EnviroCleanse greywater systems cost? What is the payback?

System costs vary depending on the facility and its unique needs. Systems start at $50,000 and increase in cost depending on required features and the size of the operation. Users experience 80 to 90 percent savings depending on water usage. The water lost is a result of multiple factors including evaporation, water remaining on the linens after the wash, and backwashing. More information on water savings can be found here.

How much time will operators need to spend to keep the system operational?

The system is designed to be automatic with minimal operator interaction. A service contract is recommended for our technicians to perform routine maintenance. 

What is the quality of the processed water?

The water is processed to meet EPA standards for non-potable reuse water.

What are the environmental benefits of a greywater recycling system?

A greywater recycling system reduces potable water use and stress on municipal waste water treatment plants.

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