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An open-loop, chemical-free water management program.

Environmental and Cost Savings

Reduce facility chemical and water costs.

Operational costs are a fraction of the typical chemical, bleed water, and maintenance expenses associated with conventional chemical cooling tower treatment approaches.

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Three Technologies, Zero Chemicals

Ozone, filtration, and descaler technologies are paired to bring you a cooling tower management system that combats issues of debris fouling, biological slime, Legionella bacteria growth, scaling, and metal corrosion. Results are achieved without the use of harsh chemicals.

The EnviroCleanse Cooling Tower Treatment Process

1. A suction pump draws water out of the cooling tower sump.

2. The water passes through a magnetohydrodynamic descaler to increase water solubility, modify crystal mineral formation, and remove existing scale buildup.

3. Filtration removes suspended organic and inorganic particles.

4. Ozone is injected into the water stream via a venturi mixer to disinfect algae, slime, and Legionella bacteria.

5. Water chemistry is controlled by ORP, pH, and conductivity controllers.

EnviroCleanse Cooling Tower Treatment Sy
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