EnviroCleanse Cooling Tower Treatment Systems

An EnviroCleanse Cooling Tower Treatment System is an open-loop water management program for facilities with cooling towers. The system consists of three basic technologies (ozone, filtration, and descaler); the chart below shows how these technologies are used in the system. EnviroCleanse Systems offers an on-site service program as well as reduced chemical and water costs. The system handles typical issues such as debris fouling, biological slime, Legionella bacteria growth, scaling, and metal corrosion.


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The EnviroCleanse Cooling Tower Method

  • A suction pump draws water out of the tower sump.

  • The water passes through a magnetohydrodynamic descaler to increase water solubility, modify crystal mineral formation, and remove existing scale buildup.

  • Ozone is injected into the water stream via a venturi mixer to disinfect algae, slime, and Legionella bacteria.

  • Filtration removes suspended organic and inorganic particles.

  • Water chemistry is controlled by ORP, pH, and conductivity controllers.

  • Operational costs are a fraction of the typical chemical, bleed water and maintenance expenses associated with conventional chemical treatment approaches.