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Written by Rebekah Hildebrand

April 24, 2020

Pristine Water Systems ultraviolet bulbs are effective for 9,000 hours, or approximately one year, of operation. The bulb may still appear as it did when new; however, it's disinfectant abilities have diminished thus limiting its effectiveness against the full range of micro-organisms.

To keep your water free of harmful bacteria and viruses, it is important that the bulb is replaced annually.

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We understand that you have a lot of things to remember in your life, so are presenting two ways to help you. In every bulb and unit order, we will be sending refrigerator magnets marked with your bulb's part number and the date of your next replacement. Additionally, you may sign up below for annual email reminders.

The bulb's part number can be found etched into the glass. However, the part number can also be determined by measuring the bulb's length from ceramic end to ceramic end, excluding the pins. All of the bulbs belonging to our units have 4 pins, but we also stock a variety of 2 pin and single pin bulbs. Please call 410-827-8885 to order. Prices for our current products are available on the UV Products page.

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