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How Much Water Does a Greywater Recycling System Save?

Written by Rebekah Hildebrand

August 4, 2020

EnviroCleanse greywater recycling systems are uniquely designed to meet the needs of each operation. Due to the individualized nature of our systems, the amount of greywater produced will vary depending on the facility.

Greywater Sourcing

Loading the Washing Machine

EnviroCleanse greywater treatment systems are designed to harvest and sanitize laundry wash water in commercial applications. The greywater is processed to levels deemed appropriate by the EPA for non-potable water reuse. By sanitizing and filtering the used water, it can be stored and reused safely in the laundry cycle.

For more information about greywater, check out our other articles or FAQ page.

Savings Factors

Operation size is an important element in calculating water savings. Facilities that do not use enough water will not see sufficient savings to justify a greywater recycling system. The number of laundry loads per day, size of the washers, and number of washers all influence the amount of water a laundry facility will produce and be able to recycle. Operators can expect to re-claim 80 to 90 percent of greywater on average. The water lost is a result of multiple factors including evaporation, water remaining on the linens after the wash, and backwashing.

Optimal Facilities

A greywater recycling system will provide the greatest benefit in high volume commercial laundry establishments such as large on premise laundry facilities or laundromats. A greywater system is the perfect addition to a water savings initiative in areas with high water costs or frequent drought.

Contact EnviroCleanse Systems at 410-827-8885 to discuss the unique features of your operation and the savings our custom greywater recycling systems may offer. At this time, EnviroCleanse Systems does not manufacture greywater recycling systems for residential applications.

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