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How Do Ozone Laundry Systems Work?

Written by Rebekah Hildebrand

August 6, 2020

Ozone works naturally as a disinfectant. When added to the laundry cycle, it disinfects linens similar to bleach. EnviroCleanse ozone laundry systems are easy to operate and will result in water, energy, and chemical savings. More information regarding the reaction of ozone will be available soon.

Introducing Ozone

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EnviroCleanse Systems relies on patented sparging rod technology to inject ozone directly into the washing machine. The system’s programming initiates ozone creation and release as requested. Unlike some other ozone laundry systems, the EnviroCleanse system releases ozone during multiple stages of the wash cycle. This feature is important because ozone is relatively unstable and it quickly dissipates. Ozone will break down into more stable oxygen molecules on its own.


The EnviroCleanse ozone laundry system is equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) for easy operation. The PLC has a simple user interface that allows trained laundry room workers to monitor the status of the system. The PLC is programmed to instruct the ozone chamber to create ozone when appropriate and to release it into the washing machine as directed.


The properties of ozone allow for a couple of cost saving changes in the traditional laundry operation. Ozone actually functions very well in cold water washes, reducing the need for hot water. Additionally, ozone loosens linens fibers, creating softer fabric without the use of fabric softener and allowing water molecules to release for shorter drying times. Savings will vary depending upon the number and size of washers as well as the number and size of wash loads.


Our ozone system can be incorporated into existing laundry facilities or installed during a new build. The system requires very little floor space and one dedicated 115 Volt 20 Amp connection. An ozone laundry system is a part of the USGBC’s LEED accreditation program and may also be eligible for certain state offered rebates. EnviroCleanse Systems customizes each installation to the laundry operation. Contact us at 410-827-8885 to discuss your facility’s unique set-up.

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