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What is Ozone?

Basic information about ozone.

Written by Rebekah Hildebrand

September 8, 2020

Ozone is a gas, naturally occurring in the upper atmosphere. It presents as colorless to pale blue with an odor that is often compared to that after a lightning storm. Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms; its chemical formula is O3.


Ozone Molecule.jpg

While ozone is naturally produced, it can also be created artificially, most commonly by using an ozone generator which splits molecules of oxygen (O2) found in the air and rejoins them into ozone. Split oxygen atoms quickly join with other single atoms or with existing O2. These molecules are relatively unstable and will quickly disperse to reform back into oxygen. Single oxygen atoms and ozone (O3) are unstable, so oxygen (O2) is the most commonly found formation.


Ozone has disinfection properties that can be compared most closely to bleach. However, ozone is a stronger disinfectant than chlorine. Ozone can be used to kill viruses and bacteria in various applications including laundry operations.


EnviroCleanse Ozone Laundry Systems rely on direct injection technology which releases preset doses of ozone directly into the laundry wash drum. The ozone generator is programmed to produce ozone as requested during the fill and wash cycles. More information on how ozone laundry systems work can be found here.


Users of an ozone laundry system experience significant electrical and chemical savings. Ozone functions better in cold water than hot water resulting in a reduction of the energy used to heat water. Ozonated water “opens up” the individual textile fibers resulting in shortened drying times. A reduction in required bleach and fabric softener is another advantage of using ozone. A reduced amount of laundry chemicals are used compared to conventional hot water washing.

EnviroCleanse Ozone Laundry Systems are designed for use in high volume, commercial laundry establishments and not for residential applications. Please call 410-827-8885 to speak with an EnviroCleanse Systems technician about integrating an ozone laundry system into your establishment.

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