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How Do I Know My UV System Is Working?

Written by Rebekah Hildebrand

April 29, 2020

The UV bulb is effective for 9,000 hours or approximately one year although the bulb may remain lit for longer. Bulb failure within this time is uncommon; however, there are other factors which may cause the system to fail or work ineffectively. It is important to check your bulb occasionally to ensure that it is still operating correctly.

Bulb in End Nut.jpg

System Check Guidelines

If your bulb is more than one year old, replace it as soon as possible. The UV dosage of a bulb will reach unsatisfactory levels for treatment after one year of operation. The bulb may look new, but it will fail at disinfecting all micro-organisms present.


When your bulb is lit, a blue glow will be visible through the glass in the view port (if your unit is equipped with this feature). The view port is the safest way to view the bulb while it is lit.

If a glow is not visible or it is very faint, it may be time to clean your quartz sleeve. Particles in the water may deposit on the quartz sleeve over time and block the ultraviolet light. To check if this is the issue, unscrew the cord grip from the end nut and carefully remove the bulb from the unit about halfway. The bulb is extremely fragile and should not be viewed directly. Out of the corner of your eye, verify that the bulb is lit. The glow should be strong with no flickering.

If the system has not been disinfecting at full capacity, sanitize the plumbing lines after the unit. Please call our customer service team (410-827-8885) or a certified plumber if you need assistance.

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